When looking at the following price list it is important to understand the high quality of treatment and service you will be receiving.

The technology we use is the Medlite C6, a high powered Nd-yag laser that is renowned throughout the industry for the quality of results it produces. It is imperative to check the type of laser that any practitioner is using before comparing prices, especially with cheap Chinese built machines flooding the market. Some of these lasers cost as little as £500 the Medlite C6 costs £65,000. In this industry you get very much what you pay for!

Our consultants have performed thousands of treatments understanding how to get the optimum results when treating all types of tattoos. Never risk having a tattoo removed by an unskilled operator, your skin could be permanently damaged.

We are confident that these prices coupled with our technology and experience offer the best value tattoo removal available in London and the UK.

Tattoo Removal Treatment Costs
2 x 1 inches £40
3 x 3 inches £50
6 x 4 inches £70
Half Sleeve £90
Full Sleeve £130
Eyebrow Tattoo £70

These prices are a guide, tattoos between these sizes will be priced accordingly.

We give large discounts for multiple tattoos. The larger the tattoo and the more tattoos that need to be removed the better value we offer.
If green and bright blue inks need removing a premium will be added.

Please call us on 020 8419 8124 to get an accurate quotation.